Daemon is a technology consulting and services provider with its headquarters in Singapore and a strong presence in the Asia Pacific, European & North America regions. Daemon has been serving clients in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia, UK, USA, Finland, India, Thailand and the CALA region for the last 13 years and has a SEZ India innovation centre supporting its Global distributed Delivery engagements. Daemon provides Business and IT consulting Services that includes Systems Integration, Application and Product Development, Managed Services and other Portfolio Planning , PMO and Quality Assurance services to all the major top tier Telecom and cable service providers supporting their E2E Billing and CRM solutions including complete outsourced implementation and operational management services for BSS and OSS system stacks.

Daemon brings extensive experience in the CRM and Telecom Billing and Revenue management domains and IN (intelligent networks) application/integration areas including managed services and also partners with some of the leading cloud transformation service providers to deliver public and private cloud solutions. Daemon works with some of the global telecom leaders like TelstraClear, StarHub, Optus, Colt, Bharti, BSkyB, Maxis, Celcom, CableCom.